• 07 Oct 0

The following changes will take place to Townsville Grammar Charter School Bus services effective of Monday October 12th 2020:

Morning School Bus Charter 22

Depart Riverside Blvd (7:25am), (L) Freshwater Drive & Estuary Parade (7:28am), (L) Riverside Boulevard at Regatta Crescent(7:34am), (L) Angus Smith Drive, (L)University Road, Nathan Street, (R)Alfred Street, (L) Elizabeth Street(7:40am), (R)Ross River Road, (L) Anne Street, (R)Fulham Road at Parsons Street(7:45am), Gullivers Street, (L) Ross River Road (7:51am), (L) Charter Towers Road, (R)Flinders Street, (L) Stanley Street, (R)Gregory Street, (L)Paxton Street, (R)Burke Street, school arrival 8:03am.

Morning School Bus Charter 23

Depart Yolanda Drive (7:30am), (L) Cypress Drive, (L)Annandale Drive (7:34am), (R)River Park Drive, (L)Sandbek Street, (R) River Park Drive, (L) Annandale Drive, (L) Macarthur Drive(7:42am), (L)William Angliss Drive (7:46am), (L) Mervyn Crossman Drive, Fairfield Waters Drive, (R)Oonoonba Road (7:51am), (L) Abbott Street, Rooneys Bdge, Railway Avenue, Saunders Street, (L) Rooney Street, (L) Lowths Bdge, (L) Stanley Street, (R) Gregory Street, (L) Paxton Street, (R) Burke Street, school arrival 8:04am.

Morning School Bus Charter 25

Depart Ross River Rd at Forest Avenue (7:38am), Hervey Range Rd, (R) Golf Links Dr(7:43am), (R) Dalrymple Rd, (L) Greenview Dr (7:55am), Dalrymple Rd, (R)Thuringowa Dr, (L)Mill Dr, (L) Fulham Rd, (L) Angus Ave, Anfield Dr, (L) Bayswater Rd, (L) Crestbrook Dr (8:03am), (R) Bayswater Rd(8:10am) Pilkington St, (R) Ingham Rd, (L)Hugh St, (R) Percy St, Bundock St, Warburton St, Lansborough St, (L) Paxton St, (L) Burke St, school arrival 8:25am.

Afternoon School Bus Charter 22

Depart school at 3:50pm, Burke St, (R) Warburton St, (R) Eyre St, Denham St, (R) Walker St, (L) Blackwood St (3:56pm), (R) Flinders St, (L) Charters Towers Rd (4:00pm), (R) Ross River Rd, Gullivers St, (L) Fulham Rd(4:08pm), (L) Anne St, (R) Ross River Road (4:15pm), (L) Nathan St, University Rd, (R) Angus Smith Dr, (R) Riverside Blvd (4:22pm), (R) Freshwater Dr (4:27pm), (R) Riverside Bvd (4:30pm).

Afternoon School Bus Charter 23

Depart school at 3:55pm, Burke St, (R) Warburton St, (R) Eyre St, Denham St, George Roberts Bdge, Dean St, (R) Saunders St, Railway Av ( 4:02pm), Rooneys Bdge, Abbott St, (R) Oonoonba Rd (4:11pm), (L) Fairfield Waters Dr, Mervyn Crossman Dr, (R) Murray Lyons Cr, (R) William Angliss Dr, (R) Macarthur Dr (4:21pm), (R) Annandale Dr, (R) River Park Drv, Dandbek St, (R) River Park Dr, (L) Annandale Dr, (R) Cypress Dr (4:27pm), (R) Yolanda Dr (4:31pm), (L) University Rd, (R) Stuart Dr, (L) Southwood Rd, Hunter St, Bruce Hwy, (R) Alligator Creek Rd (5:05pm).

Afternoon School Bus Charter 25

Depart Junior school at 3:05pm, depart Senior school at 3:32pm with all students for Pallarenda, Mt Louisa & Golf Links Dr. Macarthur Dr, (L) University Rd, Racecourse Rd, Bruce Hwy. (L) Abbott St, Rooneys Bgde, (L) Stanley St, Railway Av, Saunders St, (L) Rooney St, (L) Lowth Bdge, (L) Stanley St, (R) Gregory St, (L) Paxton St, (R) Burke St, (L) Warburton St, Bundock St, (R) Heatleys Pde, Cape Pallarenda Rd, (L) Maskell St, (R) The Esplanade, (L) Morell St, (R) Wackett St, (R) Shelley St (3:42pm), (R) Cape Pallarenda Rd, Heatleys Pde, Bundock St, Percy St, (L) Hugh St, (R) Ingham Rd, (L) Pilkington St, (R) Bayswater Rd, (L) Crestbrook Dr (4:10pm), (R) Bayswater Rd, Banfield Dr, Angus Av, (R) Fulham Rd, (R) Mill Dr (4:17pm), (R) Thuringowa Dr, (L) Dalrymple Rd, (R) Greenview Dr (4:20pm), (R) Dalrymple Rd, (L) Golf Links Dr(4:25pm), (L) Hervey Range Rd, Ross River Rd (4:35pm)