Cairns network changes from Monday 24 February

Cairns network changes from Monday 24 February

  • 06 Feb 0

From Monday 24 February, there’ll be changes to the Cairns bus network including:

  • timetable adjustments for most services
  • route or stop changes for some services
  • new bus stops at Raintrees Shopping Centre to be serviced by routes 123130, 131131N and 133


Timetable adjustments

Most bus timetables across the Cairns network may change by up to 10 minutes to make your service more reliable.

Your bus may arrive or depart at an earlier or later time, but there will still be the same amount of services. Replan your journey before travelling.


Route and stop changes

Route 133 will change to travel via Draper Street to service more local destinations.

Route 143 and 143W will be extended to travel via Progress Road, Fretwell Road and Johnson Road. These changes will improve access to local destinations including the BUPA retirement home and local childcare centre.


New bus stops at Raintrees Shopping Centre

Two new bus stops at Raintrees Shopping Centre will also be open from Monday 24 February.

Routes 123130, 131131N133 will stop at the new stops, which are located on Koch Street. The new stops are at the rear of the shopping centre, approximately 250 metres or 5 minutes walk from the old stops on Alfred Street 

The fully accessible stops feature two large bus shelters, improved lighting and better access to the shopping centre.

To view the new timetables, replan your journey, download the MyTransLink app or call 13 12 30.  Don’t forget to select a date on or after Monday 24 February to get the new timetables.