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Stockland’s / Cancer Councils Christmas Parade detours for November 22, 2018
Its that time of year November 22, 2018 the Stocklands/Cancer Councils Christmas Parade is on again As per previous years the following route deviations will be in Place from 5pm Onward These are the deviations for each route. Buses will not be traveling via Musgrave Street or going into Stocklands from 5 pm on-wards Route 406 from the city at 17:05 will follow this path, Traveling North from the city will travel via Bolsover Street right into Albert Street which follows into Mores...

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Route 404, 407 and 403 deviation
Due to roadworks in Denham Street for approximately the next 26 weeks, the routes 404, 407 and 403 will be following the following deviation when traveling north. Right from Denham Street into George Street, left in to William Street left into Kent Street then right back into Denham Street.

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